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This.. Is.. Redicolous...

2011-02-05 12:55:53 by Andres360

I Honestly had no Idea my "JERK" song was gunna make #1 in alltime Scoring

& Now im getting soo much Hate & my score on it went soo low because those trance Miscellaneous Fans keep hating & zerioing my score..

Well im pretty mad


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2011-02-05 13:27:31

haters are gonna hate, keep up the work dude its awesome :)


2011-02-05 14:14:47

hey, you can vote on you're own submissions for audio.


2011-02-05 21:38:45

Whenever I get the chance I'll always put a 5 into it, newgrounds always talks about everything by everybody but sometimes the haters just want it about themselves


2011-02-06 07:45:57

Haters will always hate for no reason.

It's the law of nature.


2011-02-06 10:58:25

That's common, newgrounds is 95% haters and the other 5% don't come here no more cause they're disappointed the way you and I are. Zero bombers always do shit like that, but that's cause they're gay and suck and you've become somewhat successful. At least you should know it's so normal in NG...


2011-02-06 14:15:15

fuck them haters, your beats are fire homie, keep it up!


2011-02-06 16:42:59

lol, I rate it five everday i see it and im a BIG TRANCE/TECHNO/DANCE/DRUM N BASS FAN. Those people obviously have no musically ear/tallent what so ever. Just reply to those idiots "could you make this?"


2011-02-07 03:31:02

man... i know what you mean... F***ing people. i loved it though. awesome songs keep up the amazing work!! :D


2011-02-07 19:51:48



2011-02-07 20:13:27

White people you know?


2011-02-08 17:48:07

Well obviously some people like it.

I'm one of those people who left a negative review although mine was objective and not hateful- Check out my reviews I'm no hater. I just said your track was repetitive to me- which was why I was shocked about how long it had taken.

Also, those "trance/miscellaneous fans" are entitled to an opinion, so if you don't want negative feedback don't put it on here.

But again, I maintain that my review was not a hateful one, and I am surprised at your response. I felt it unnecessary.

However, the proof that people like your track is right there, so good work and well done.

Face <(X_X)>


2011-02-09 20:50:09

readin sum of the comments on yo submission they say its jus the same thing over and over think about it in actual songs by lil wayne and drake ect. they beats repeat through the whole thing dont let the haters get u mad jus keep makin hard ass beats