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2 Straight months on this song
Fl Studio Pro
I Felt hyper making this and went finger crazy.
Added Lazer Sounds & Electric Guitar !!!!
Give you that smooth Hip Hop space type beat
Also added "WOOO" Which is me 5 in the morning adding that lol soo tired
Enjoy this beat. Great for flashes & Games for maybe a space shooting type game or something in space !!!
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Check out 1990 hiphop.
I got Craazyy feedback on this beat..
you just gotta check it out yourself :]

Well got good news & Bad News

2012-01-24 16:59:50 by Andres360

Good news is I Released a new song Called Love & Hiphop !
Its Sweet ! Took me around a week to do.. with no sleep lol
Bad News....
Every beat ive been working on & Everyone i have made that hasnt been released has been killed by this Virus i had -______-
Well hopefully this programs recovers all my lost work ..


2011-10-18 17:19:46 by Andres360

Lets goo.. look at my Recent Beats & ull see my Holy Heaven Hiphop & Ull be Stunned
Bass is DIRTY
Organs and just ughh
I gotta stop explaining just look at yourself


2011-09-14 17:03:07 by Andres360

Yes its True im back better than ever
Yes More beats
More Remakes
More Me !

Bubble Bass Preview

2011-04-13 21:56:55 by Andres360

A Little Something new in Creation
Big Bass !!!!!!!
Comment and Rate
Enjoy :D

Guess Whos Baaaackkkk :]

2011-04-09 16:48:51 by Andres360

Ohh Yess Feels Too Good
Back where i belong making the Craziest Beats for my Boys and U Coming Artist !!!!
If you guys know Big Sean ? He Found me and wants him to make a Beat for Him !!!!
So if this works out the way i want ill furfil my dream in being a Pro Producer :]

Im kinda sad :/

2011-02-15 19:02:13 by Andres360

Seems like im back to where i was before my "JERK" Song blew up..

No New Messages,
No New Music Comments
No New Fans
No Love !

So im just figuring out what i can do to make myself. Noticeable again
i Guess making new beats is the only way


2011-02-10 19:11:20 by Andres360

They dont Effect me

New Song Coming Soon. Stay Tuned

This.. Is.. Redicolous...

2011-02-05 12:55:53 by Andres360

I Honestly had no Idea my "JERK" song was gunna make #1 in alltime Scoring

& Now im getting soo much Hate & my score on it went soo low because those trance Miscellaneous Fans keep hating & zerioing my score..

Well im pretty mad